In fact the advice offered is provided by our select lawyers, each a specialist in his or her subject, in order to ensure 360 degree legal coverage and specific to the actual case.

In our 10 years of activity, Badrane has fought to defend the rights and interests of numerous clients and assisted in numerous fields of law, thus acquiring a depth of experience and skills that are combined with strong human sensitivity for a true understanding of the customer.

The strength of Badrane lies in the availability of a wide network of lawyers and professionals, each assigned to a case relevant to their specific competence and all selected for their valuable people skills and ability to interact with customers with sensitivity and support, across various geographical areas such as: Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States.
Professionals who work on behalf of Badrane International Law Firm, in addition to having acquired a multicultural and multidisciplinary grounding, are able to carry out on-site partnerships to achieve the desired goal of the customer.